We can determine the relationship between people through the language choices they make in the conversation.

Essay plan:

  1. Build context (to make intro more interesting) – How society has changed to back your hypothesis, How language has changed, how does the hypothesis  link to the world..NZ..Wanaka, use famous quotes that back your hypothesis.
  2. Persuasive / rhetorical language
  3. Select some interesting or intriguing results from your research .


The use of language allows us to express and convey information to each other. Over time the language we use and how we use it has been modified to fit how society has evolved. We can determine many elements of a person’s life experiences, emotional state, and connection to other people through their personal language choices. For the purpose of this study i have investigated how we can determine the relationship between people through the language choices they make in a conversation. This essay will prove how different relationships communicate differently with each other through the use of vocabulary, phonetic sound, linguistic language, and paralinguistic modifications. Also why we use language and how the reasoning behind conversations have changed over time, along with what has changed in society and the distinctive link between this and how we communicate with each other. All of these language features work together to create individual and unique language relationships between different people and determines how contrasting relationships communicate differently with each other.

Language over time – draft

Over time things change and evolve. Simple as that. Language is no exception to this, and as time goes on our language has modified to suit the way society are communicating at the present moment.  This effects how different relationships communicate with each other.

Body paragraph 1 – draft

Through the use of diverse language techniques the message being portrayed can mean very different things.  As humans we gravitate towards particular language techniques subconsciously , and this in turn creates our unique mannerisms and way of using language. Not two of use speak, deliver or communicate language in the same way, and this means every conversation we have with other people is different. It’s like the human mind. We all think and process information differently which gives us each personal strengths and weaknesses. When people collaborate on a project together they are utilising  everyone’s strengths to create an original and completely unique end result. This is just like our relationships with other people. We also adapt or modify the language we use to suit who we are talking to. This also makes for a unique language relationship. I mean think about it… Do you use the same language or communicate the same with your best friend AND your grandma?

Vocabulary is a language technique that gets over looked, however it plays a huge role in differentiating relationships.  When we speak we use different vocabulary as a way to express or convey a message in different ways. Depending on the words we use when delivering the message can determine how the person receiving the information processes it. An example of this is when your at an old friends house and you ask for the butter across the table at breakfast.  The vocabulary you use in this situation would be very different to how you would ask for the butter at home. This isn’t because your rude at home or you disrespect your family, it’s simply that different relationships make you speak in different ways. At your friends house your vocabulary would be something like “Excuse me, would you please pass me the butter…..thank you.” The vocabulary used in this spoken language is quite formal and gives the impression that your trying to be polite and impress your friend. On the other hand your vocabulary choices at home would probably be along the lines of “hey, will you pass me the butter….. thanks.” Even though your saying almost the exact same thing the mood and feeling around the vocabulary choices made really define the kind of relationship you have with the person your delivering your message to.






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  1. At the moment this is a very nice exploration of some of the ideas behind the changes that happen in language. What’s missing is the detailed analysis of the actual features and the transcripts and how they exemplify the point you make.

    Let me know if you’d like my assistance in doing this. I definitely think you should continue.

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