Text Transcript

Hey! (punctuation added for effect) The girls and i have organised to see pitch perfect 3 on the 1st of Jan .(logograms – shortened words) I’m about to book the tickets, do you wanna (merged words) come ?

Hey x (emoticons) what time is it?

It’s at 6

Yes sounds great xxx (emoticons) i was just checking the time cause (contractions) i’m working till (abbreviation) 3 but yes please xx 🙂 (emoticons) were u (logograms) at the lake today, i think i saw u (logograms) but i wasn’t sure? Xx(emoticons)

Ok great! (punctuation for effect) It’s  (abbreviation) going to be so much fun. I can’t wait!! (two exclamation marks for even more effect) Yes i was at the lake xx(emoticons)

Hehe (speech like interjections) yaaasss (repeated letters for emphasis) i’m soo (repeated letters for emphasis) excited xx (emoticons) haha (speech like interjection) i was going to say hi but it would’ve been awkward if it wasn’t you 🙂 🙂(emoticons)

Hahaha.(speech like interjection) Fair enough

:) (emoticons) k (logograms) gtg ttyl (acronyms) can you pls (contractions) txt (contractions) me when and where we r (logogram) going to meet if u (logogram) find out xx(emoticons)

Yes i will. See you soon xx(emoticons)

K (logogram) thanks bye (contractions) xx (contractions)

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